Transmission Trouble: Knowing When It's Time For Repairs


Getting your car's transmission replaced is a costly headache as an owner. Luckily, transmission problems often manifest themselves in a number of warning signs that indicate it's time for repairs.

When you experience these symptoms and signs, schedule an appointment for car transmission repair service in Guttenberg. Doing so could save you time and money later down the road.

Here are four key indicators that you should consider repairing your vehicle's transmission.

1. Leaking fluid

One of the most obvious signs you may need repairs is if your vehicle starts leaking transmission fluid from what should be a tightly sealed unit. Your car needs the fluid to be able to shift properly, and the only way to lose it is through a leak. Issues such as worn gaskets or seals, a loose transmission pan or damaged bell housings can all cause transmission fluid to leak. If you spot fluid on your driveway or in your garage beneath your car, you likely need repairs.

2. Odd smells

Although transmission fluid doesn't get used and depleted like motor oil, it does need to be changed from time to time. If the fluid becomes severely burnt, your unit itself also may be overheating or burning. A strange slightly tart or sweet odor should alert you to the problem early, before it becomes a major issue requiring more expensive repairs. You also can conduct a dipstick inspection to check your car's transmission fluid, which is supposed to be a bright reddish hue and nearly translucent. Once it turns dark red or brown, it can't properly do its job of keeping the transmission parts lubricated and dissipating heat generated by the unit.

3. Strange sounds

While automatic and manual transmissions behave differently when they have issues, you can learn to recognize when your unit is making an unnatural noise. For instance, with manual transmissions, a common indicator of a problem is a grinding sound, or even feeling, when you try shifting to a new gear. With automatic transmissions, you may hear a humming, whining or buzzing sound, or start feeling the car quiver noticeably, when it shifts gears. When you experience these sensations, schedule a professional car transmission repair service. Be aware, you may even hear strange noises when your car is in neutral.

4. Difficulty and Delays

If your car seems to be experiencing difficulty shifting gears at all, or does so roughly, the problem may be your transmission or transmission fluid. The vehicle also may struggle getting up to speed as it normally does; slip, uninitiated, into a different gear while it's driving; or pause before it engages the drive mode and begins moving forward. These all are symptoms that should alert you to the need for repairs.

No one likes dealing with transmission replacements or repairs. Brown's makes sure you have the right team helping you along the way. For your next car transmission repair service, head to Brown's. Located in Guttenberg, Iowa, we are happy to serve all of Northeast Iowa and the surrounding cities, including Dubuque; the Quad Cities; Cedar Rapids; Manchester; Waterloo/Cedar Falls; and Prairie Due Chien, Wis.

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